Bobby Medina – “Between Worlds” (2014).

Bobby Medina’s Latin American Experience at Ystad Jazz Festival 2015 (Sweden)

Artista: Bobby Medina (USA).
Trabajo realizado: Producción Artística, Arreglos, Copista, Management, Coordinación y Logística en Estudio en Buenos Aires, Argentina del disco "Between Worlds".
Año de realización: 2014.
CréditosRecording Studio Buenos Aires: Fort Music Recordin Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. // Javier Mazzarol: Recording Engineer. // Cesar Catalan; Assistant Engineer. // Oscar Gimenez Plett: General Manager.
Recording Studio Seattle: Synergy Productions Seattle, Washinton, USA. // Jason Shavey: Recording & Mixing Engineer. // Mastering: Panic Studios Seattle, Washington, USA. John McCaig.
Arrangers: Inma Galliot: Echoes of Cordoba. // Guto Lucena: Black Orfeus/ Canto de Ossanha & Libertango. // Eric Verlinde: My dream, Bopticos & Strings on La Bikina. // Felipe Salles: Forever my love. // Mike West: Tulum. // Pablo Elorza: Power Serge & Calzada del Cerro. // Bobby Medina: Paraiso, Tale of the Gypsies & La Bikina.
The Core Band: Bobby Medina (USA): Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Accordion, Palmas. // Pablo Elorza (Argentina): Electric Bass, Double Bass, Palmas. // Guto Lucena (Brazil): Soprano & Tenor Saxs, Flute, Pandeiro. // Eric Verlinde (USA): Piano, Palmas. // Santiago Hernandez (Argentina): Drums, Cajón, Palmas. // Francisco "Junior" Medina (USA): Bongos, Congas, Timbales, Hand Percussion, Palmas.
Guest Artists: Gustavo Bergalli featured on Libertango (Trumpet). // Brian Nova featured on Paraiso (Electric Guitar). // Darren Motamedy featured on Tale of the Gypsies (Soprano Sax). // Nathaniel Schleimer featured on Power Serge (Flute). // Bill Anthony featured on Bopticos (Trombone). // Gustavo Barragan featured on Echoes of Cordoba and Tulum (Acoustic Guitar). // Mario Hernandez Osorio featured on Calzada del Cerro (all Vocals).
Orchestra Buenos Aires: Roberto Rutkaukas: Concert Master. // Gustavo Mule: Violin 1. // Roberto Calomarde: Violin 2. // Carlos Cosattini: Violin 2. // Elizabeth Noemi Ridolfi: Viola. // Claudio Medina: Viola. // Myriam Santucci: Cello. // Patricio Villarejo: Cello. // Fernando Chiappero: French Horn. // Franco Espindola: Trombone. // Gustavo Barragan: Acoustic Guitar. 
Orchestra Seattle: Lennon Aldort: Concert Master. // Rachel Nesvig: Violin 1.// Elena Roth: Violin 2. // Paul Anastaiso: Violin 2. // Andrew Pang: Viola 1. // Amanda Pang: Viola 2. // Rachel Beaver: Cello. // Brad Hawkins: Cello. // Greg Lyons: Trumpet. // Daren Motamedy: Clarinet, Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxs. // Nathaniel Schleimer: Flute, Tenor Sax. // Bill Anthony: Trombone.
Bobby Medina´s Experience: “When I first heard and met Pablo I knew there was something special about him. A couple of years passed and I decided to produce a large scale international project with Latin Jazz band and Pops orchestra. He was the first bassist I thought of for this project and, fortunately, agreed to be part of it. He has been an incredible addition to it and I use him on every tour possible. 
Beyond his incredible bass playing, Pablo has been of immeasurable assistance and value. We recorded the majority of this project in Buenos Aires and he has acted as bassist, arranger, music copyist, orchestral contractor, gig organizer, studio scout and even tour guide to those of us visiting his native Argentina. If you’re like me and are looking for a gifted musician that is totally together and a joy to be around, I highly recommend Pablo Elorza!"
Biography: Trumpeter Bobby Medina, having apprenticed with such luminary artists as Ray Charles, Mel Torme, Poncho Sanchez, Eddie Cano and Mel Brown among others, is presently bringing his own brand of Latin influenced jazz and instrumental pop to audiences in America and Europe. I´m trying to take what I´ve learned from these great performers and mix that with the music I grew up on, Latin and jazz. With this I´ve come up with a sound that crosses over and appeals to people on many levels.
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