Bobby Medina – “Between Worlds”

Seattle, USA | Profesional Musician |

“When I first heard and met Pablo I knew there was something special about him. A couple of years passed and I decided to produce a large scale international project with Latin Jazz band and Pops orchestra. He was the first bassist I thought of for this project and, fortunately, agreed to be part of it. He has been an incredible addition to it and I use him on every tour possible.

Beyond his incredible bass playing, Pablo has been of immeasurable assistance and value. We recorded the majority of this project in Buenos Aires and he has acted as bassist, arranger, music copyist, orchestral contractor, gig organizer, studio scout and even tour guide to those of us visiting his native Argentina. If you’re like me and are looking for a gifted musician that is totally together and a joy to be around, I highly recommend Pablo Elorza!”